About AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)

TDF litigation against Gilead brought by HIV Litigation Attorneys is funded by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a global non-profit organization that has provided innovative medicine and tenacious advocacy for individuals living with HIV/AIDs for over 30 years.  AHF is one of the largest providers of HIV/AIDS medical services in the world, and champions the care of 1 million patients spread across 41 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.

The driving mission of AHF is to rid the world of HIV/AIDS through advocacy, policy changes and the delivery of cutting-edge healthcare services to all. Since its founding in 1987, AHF has been a vocal activist in the fight to lower HIV/AIDS drug prices, filing numerous lawsuits against pharmaceutical giants whose astronomical prices kept lifesaving medications out of reach. These stalwart efforts have effected fundamental changes, helping to stabilize or lower the price of HIV drug treatment in the U.S., Africa and other countries.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation takes pride in fighting for those in need, regardless of their socio-economic status. HIV Litigation Attorneys™ plays a critical role in the advocacy arm of the organization, taking on Big Pharma’s rampant drug profiteering of HIV medicines.  

History and Mission of AHF

Activists Michael Weinstein, Chris Brownlie, Mina Meyer, and Sharon Raphael were among the key co-founders of the Los Angeles AIDS Hospice Foundation, the catalyst organization for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. As breakthrough opportunities for HIV/AIDS management and prevention became available in the mid-1990’s, AHF shifted its mission from palliative care to helping people with the disease avail themselves of advanced antiretroviral drug treatments and live their best lives possible.  The organization’s new philosophical mission triggered the establishment of AHF Wellness Centers, Healthcare Centers, and the Positive Healthcare Network—one of the country’s first Medicaid health programs for HIV positive patients.

AHF is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has grown to become one of the world’s largest AIDS organizations, with global operations and advocacy efforts expanding every year. It now operates some 450 modern healthcare clinics in over 41 countries, designed give patients access to advanced HIV testing, HIV prevention and treatment services, regardless of their ability to pay.

As a nonprofit organization, AHF funds its activities and services with revenues generated from a national chain of thrift stores and pharmacies, as well as strategic medical contracts and partnerships.

Anti-retroviral (ARV) Research Initiatives

The research arm of AHF is dedicated to discovering state-of-the-art ARV treatments that will enhance the quality of lives of adults and children living with HIV. Under the leadership of distinguished scientists and physicians, AHF researchers have conducted studies on flagship antiretroviral medications before and after FDA clearance, as well as the virologic effectiveness of different combinations of HIV medications seen in ﷟HYPERLINK “https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27587070”clinical practice.

Over the past decade, AHF Research has evaluated a broad range of important healthcare issues in the HIV/STD fields, including the dosing frequency of ARV drugs, HIV-related neurological and blood-born disorders, and how HIV affects the quality of women’s lives.


AHF Advocacy

AIDS Healthcare Foundation rigorously supports U.S. initiatives and legislation that fights the exorbitant cost of prescription pharmaceuticals and has launched numerous campaigns to bring necessary HIV/AIDS funding and treatment to communities and destigmatize HIV.

By taking a hard line with state, national and international law makers on fundamental issues surrounding the HIV epidemic, AHF strives to influence policy with a view toward saving millions of lives.

The foundation’s in-house legal team has successfully taken on deep-pocketed drug makers, holding Big Pharma accountable for negligent and unethical actions.

To learn more about AIDS Healthcare Foundation or the current TDF drug lawsuits filed against Gilead Sciences, visit AHF’s website at www.aidshealth.org.