About AHF

AHF funded the first lawsuits of its kind in California against Gilead for harm caused to individuals from Gilead’s TDF-based drug Truvada. AHF is committed to advocating on behalf of individuals harmed as a result of Gilead’s decision to place profits over patient health. AHF is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide cutting-edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay. AHF has within its care over 940,000 individuals living with HIV/AIDS in 15 states and 41 countries.

I’ve taken a Gilead HIV drug and I’m interested in the lawsuit.

Please describe your side effects – specifically kidney and bone density issues – in as much detail as possible:

We’re Putting Patients First, Over Profit

There is substantial evidence that Gilead withheld Genvoya (TAF), a safer alternative version of tenofovir drugs used to treat HIV infection, for over a decade. 

Are you taking an HIV drug manufactured by Gilead and interested in this litigation?